by Steffen Mumm
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let's fly
By Poleteli Anna
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My Way
By Jack Waterlot
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By Loïc Rodrigues
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By Jean-Philippe Lebée
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The Beauty of Imperfection
By Alina Gross
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Our Mission

Bring your portfolio to life with Snap Collective! Our innovative publishing concept, founded by Dr. Philipp W. Müller, makes it easy for international photographers and artists to publish their work with ease.

Our streamlined platform features top printing and distribution partners, a talented design team, and a personal touch – every project starts with a conversation. We use print-on-demand technology, so there’s no financial risk, and artists receive substantial discounts on all purchases. Get published with Snap Collective – the creative and efficient solution for high-quality publications.

Vincent Junier - NATURES MORTES

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Stories you choose to bring to life

Uncover the stories that have sparked the imaginations of artists worldwide. We celebrate the myriad tales that have been transformed into breathtaking photographic art books through collaboration and creativity.

Each book is a testament to the vision and passion of its creator, brought to life with exceptional craftsmanship. Join us in exploring these captivating narratives, each chosen by artists who dared to turn their visions into reality, and discover the power of photography to tell profound stories.


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